Shirley Wood

About Shirley

Shirley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Education, a Master of Arts in Practical Theology, and a PhD in Sacramental Theology and Leadership.

“I have spent decades working with non-profits and ministries that bring humanitarian relief and hope throughout the US and internationally.  My passion and purpose is to multiply my impact on the world by devoting my energy to empowering non-profits that align with my values. By helping them to better understand non-profit governing, fiscal responsibility to their donors, and how to build better boards, my team’s impact is multiplied.  In the past several years we have helped groups save thousands of donor dollars which allows them to do more with their mission year over year.  As a 501c3 specialist, I have been instrumental to setting up non-profits from the ground up, walking them through the 1023 application process, avoided costly non-compliance penalties, reversed revoked statuses, and have prepared more annual 990 forms than I can count.”

Leave your books to us, so you can devote yourself fully to your mission.

Shirley Wood ready to help your Non Profit 5013c keep accurate and timely books.

"In HIS service and at yours" is the best way I know to summarize my objectives. If I can bring God glory by what I set my hands to do while being in service to those around me, and make a living... what more could I ask for?"

Your Trusted Partner in Non-Profit Financial Excellence

Balancing Books, Building Impact